Mandel Parent Association

March 6 - Misloach Manot Packing Party - VOLUNTEER
March 15 - Ice Skating Party for K-5th at Thornton Park - RSVP
May 4-8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 28 - Spring Community Meeting & Elections in Parent Lounge @ 8:15 a.m.
May 29 - End of Year Teacher Gifts Deadline
June 7 - Family Day at Cedar Point
Questions about any of our events?  Email us at
Our You.   
The Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School Parent Association (MPA) considers parents and guardians to be an integral part of the schools’ community. Parent participation undeniably enhances and maximizes the Mandel Jewish Day School experience for each child, while aiding them to achieve their highest potential. When enthusiastic parents, encouraging teachers, and treasured staff work together, we build a strong, vibrant community.

To reinforce the success and growth of the MPA, we invite all parents and guardians to volunteer their valuable time. We have a variety of exciting events, important committees, profitable fundraisers and fun community activities that rely on volunteerism in order to be a success. Input and participation is valued and encouraged, therefore parents are encouraged to attend open MPA meetings throughout the year.

We hope you will join us!

President:  Jessica Shapiro
Past President:  Tamar Brecher
Executive Vice President:  Marla Wolf
VP of Programming:  Shani Kadis
VP of Engagement:  Jennifer Finney
VP of Fundraising:  Channa Wirick
Treasurer:  Toby Holub
Secretary / Communications:  Nicole Newman
Member At Large:  Julie Sukert
Chesed Chair:  Marla Wolf
Faculty Advisor:  Laura Loebl
Teacher Gift Policy
MPA takes care of teacher gifts. We collect money and distribute to all teachers and staff. We suggest $20 per student.  
Gift Deadline:
May 29, 2020
Pay Cash or Checks:
Make out to MPA and submit to office.
Pay Venmo:
Pay @Toby-Holub-MPAAccount

Edna Akrish  

Fern Braverman  

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Zehava Galun

Ellen Harris 

Dawn Hayes

Juli Herman  

Joan Horowitz

Val Jones  

Shani Kadis

Naomi Kall

Steve Karl 

Merle Kiwi

Emily Kirschenbaum

Bonnie Kraus
Emily Kurland

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David Leavitt

Karen Leeds

Abbie Levin

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