Endowment and Legacy

“By fostering intellectual rigor, ethical judgment and a sense of responsibility in the next generation, Mandel JDS plays an important role in repairing the larger world.”
-Alumni parent of Harvard graduate and University of Michigan student

“Mandel JDS built a foundation for me in every academic subject. Mandel JDS’s diverse education provided an environment in which to learn, but also to explore.”

-Alumnus, University School and University of Pennsylvania graduate

“Mandel JDS has blessed me with the intangibles: Morals, passion and a thirst for knowledge.”
-Alumnus, Ohio State University Honors College graduate.


The Mandel JDS School is deeply committed to maintaining our superior general and Judaic academic curriculum, accessibility and individualized attention. We want to continue to be a world-class institution with superior standards, while stabilizing tuition, investing in programming and infrastructure and expanding scholarship opportunities. This requires capital investment.

A day school education at The Mandel JDS School provides a pivotal opportunity to forge a Jewish identity within the modern world. To enable a child to develop a sense of comfort and security with their Jewish identity is a profound gift, and one of the most invaluable personal resources we can bestow. It is their future – and ours.

Endowment funds are our safeguard for the school's long-term well-being. An endowment is a fund in which the principal is protected in perpetuity while a small percentage of the interest income is applied to certain areas of need. The Mandel JDS Endowment Fund is comprised of unrestricted and designated fund and endowment contributions can be made outright or in the form of multi-year pledges. They can also be made through a bequest or a planned gift.

“We decided to make a Legacy Gift to Mandel JDS because we know Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School has given our granddaughters the foundation to achieve their goals and ensure a bright and successful future. Indeed, what better investment could we have made?”
Grandparents of Two Mandel JDS Alumni



As a national leader in Jewish Day Schools, Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School is committed to providing a Jewish education to all who pursue it. A critical factor in our widespread success and accessibility is our broad tuition assistance program.

As Jews, we are rooted in the idea of teaching our history and traditions to our children, grandchildren and future generations. The decision to include Joseph & Florence Mandel Jewish Day School in your estate plan shows your sincere commitment to Jewish education and your vote of confidence in our School.

Why is a Legacy Gift Important?
A Legacy Gift provides an everlasting connection between you and Mandel JDS for the benefit of future generations.
How do I make my Legacy Gift?
A Legacy Gift can be made via a bequest in your will, designative Mandel JDS the beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy or by creating a trust.

For more information, please contact Laura Loebl, Director of Development at 216-464-4055, ext. 114 or lloebl@mandeljds.org.