We are Cleveland's Only Community Jewish Day School

Some Jewish Day Schools use the word “pluralism” to describe a multi-denominational school, but in many ways, the word Community is an even better descriptor.  A community school is just that; it celebrates a community of ideas, a community of people and a community of perspectives.  It takes seemingly disparate concepts and emphasizes their commonalities.  Throughout our history, the Jewish community (there’s that word again) has thrived when we learned from each other, when we respected each other – when we recognized that we were stronger together.  

Mandel JDS is founded on a bedrock belief that, while we respect each other’s differences, we can enthusiastically celebrate our unity.  Our commitment to diversity has created a learning environment with the widest range of Jewish belief and observance, among our students, parents and staff.  The Mandel JDS community is equally inclusive when it comes to matters of race, gender and socio-economic background.   


Mandel JDS Diversity Statement

Mandel Jewish Day School is a pluralistic learning community where diversity and inclusion are woven into the very fabric of the school. We believe that the word diversity, particularly in the context of Day Schools, transcends the wide spectrum of denominations, and includes race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, language, differing viewpoints, learning styles, and other factors which make up one’s identity. Mandel JDS actively seeks opportunities for students to enhance their understanding and appreciation for the diverse world in which they live.