We do STEM Differently

At Mandel JDS, we believe STEM is more than just an acronym which places an importance on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Of course these are subjects that our children should be excelling in.  But we know that for students to really deeply connect to this type of curriculum it must be taught the right way.
In our STEM curriculum, we create an environment of collaboration, cooperation, and perseverance where students learn that failure is a stepping stone to success. We develop and inquiry-based culture supported by robust curriculum that values students' strengths and interests.  By cultivating community partnerships with local professionals, students can understand the relevance of learning through authentic experiences.
Thank you to our generous donors, we have invested over $80,000 to expand our STEM programming.  Through a strategic partnership with TIES (the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM) we are continuously training our faculty in the latest curricular and technological advancements in this area.