Plans for Re-Opening 2020-2021

Have you turned in a your signed Brit?  You can sign and scan electronically and email Jenny Emery at jemery@mandeljds.org.  
Have you updated all of your forms on TADS including your Emergency information? If not, click here
Did you purchase face coverings for your child?
Has your child practiced wearing a mask?
Did you purchase school supplies and label everything?
Is your child ready to learn outdoors? Change of clothes? Rain gear?
You will receive a Back to School packet before school begins. Enclosed will be a name card for your dashboard. We are utilizing different entrances for specific grades based on their location in the building.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the building for drop-off. If you plan to carpool with students that are not in your child’s Mishpacha, masks should be worn in the car.  The car ride should be 15 minutes or less which adheres to the CDC's definition of "close contact".  
Dismissal will be similar to our new morning drop-off procedures in that you will pick up your child in the same location that you dropped them off in the morning. Please note that you will have an assigned time based on your family's last name.
3:10 p.m. - Families with last names A-F
3:20 p.m. - Families with last names G-L
3:30 p.m. - Families with last names M-R
3:40 p.m. - Families with last names S-Z
Families need to make sure that all information is up to date in TADS so that we may be best prepared to manage your student’s health and any associated risk factors. Early Childhood students must provide an updated medical statement and immunization record from the child's last annual appointment. Students entering 7th grade must provide proof of the Tdap immunization.
Instructions for Accessing Forms:
  1. Click here for TADS.
  2. Click on the "Enrollment" tab.
  3. Click on your child's enrollment number for the 2020-2021 school year.
  4. Click on "Edit student's enrollment information"
  5. Go through every tab to make sure your child's information is correct and up-to-date including household and grandparent contact information, emergency contacts, and health information.
We recommend that students spend time over the summer acclimating to a mask that meets the CDC criteria and that’s comfortable for them. It is important for children to practice wearing masks for an extended period of time. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has released guidelines for the use of face shields in schools. According to the release, the ODH says they are following federal guidance and prohibiting the school-wide use of face shields as a substitute for masks. The CDC has recommended against the use of face shields as a substitute for facial coverings.  According to the CDC, "At this time, it is not known what level of protection a face shield provides to people nearby from the spray of respiratory droplets from the wearer. There is currently not enough evidence to support the effectiveness of face shields for source control. Therefore, the CDC does not currently recommend the use of face shields as a substitute for masks." Ohio's order for K-12 students says that all students, faculty, and staff in any child care setting or school building must wear facial coverings at all times. Exemptions in the order include those with medical conditions, when eating or drinking, and when playing during recess.  Only those who meet an exception may use a face shield as an option.  In addition, bandanas, neck gaiters, and masks with vents are also not permitted as they have shown in studies to be ineffective at protecting against COVID-19 transmission.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find our mask policy and helpful tips.  
Click here to find a number of vendors who meet the CDC criteria.
Click here for a list of vendors who supply masks for children.
We ask that you make sure your child brings the following supplies to school on the first day. No additional school supplies will be required. Please make sure everything below is labeled.
3 Face masks
2 boxes of tissues
2 containers disinfectant wipes
water bottle
1 towel, mat, or outdoor fold-up chair for outdoor learning.  Click here for an example of an outdoor folding chair.
Change of clothes/rain gear for outdoor learning
While the bus does not represent the safest mode of transportation to school this year due to COVID-19, we do understand there are families who may need to use it. If you need your child to take a bus to and from school this year, you will need to contact your local transportation department directly and request this service. Transportation departments need to receive requests asap.
Cleveland/University Heights - no transportation being provided
Shaker Heights - clark_h@shaker.org
Solon - click here fill out the online request form
South Euclid/Lyndhurst - fryer@sel.k12.oh.us
If you plan on traveling outside of Ohio this summer, we ask that you quarantine for 14 days prior to the first day of school: Wednesday, August 26th. As of July 22nd, Governor DeWine has mandated that anyone traveling to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas or Puerto Rico will need to quarantine for 14 days once they return to the state of Ohio. Click here for more information. As you may know, many locations within the state of Ohio are COVID "hotspots". We ask that you follow the safety guidelines of the CCBH and the CDC in order to make safe decisions such as social distancing and wearing a mask 14 days prior to school. This will ensure a safe environment for everyone in our community.
COHORTS (Mishpachot)
We have created small cohort classes (Mishpachot, meaning families) to minimize crossover among children and adults within the school. The ratios are as follows: Gan Nevet and Gan Garin - 1:6, Gan Shoresh 1:7, Gan Alonim - 1:9 and Kindergarten - 8th grade - 1:10. The purpose of creating these small Mishpachot is to lessen the physical interaction that we have with one another in order to mitigate risk. Each Mishpacha will only be with their members and their Mishpacha leader.
Each Mishpacha will have its own dedicated learning space. Desks will be placed 6 feet apart in each classroom and teachers’ desks will be at least 6 feet away from the students. We will have plexiglass dividers at the teacher's desk for individual attention and for students that receive one-on-one tutoring.
FACE COVERING POLICY (updated on 8/4)
Students in grades Kindergarten-8 will be required to wear face coverings. This protocol is amended today based on the state order by Governor DeWine mandating that all K-12 students must have face coverings.  Please click here for more information.  Early Childhood students will not be required to wear face coverings as it is difficult for younger children. Teachers will be required to wear face coverings. Please note children in grades K-8 will not be permitted to enter the building if they do not have an acceptable face covering.
DAILY HEALTH SCREENING (updated on 8/19)
You will need to fill out a Daily Symptom Screening Form for each child every day. If your child does not have this form, he or she will not be permitted to enter the building. Please note that the form must be fully filled out including writing in the actual temperature of your child that morning. You will receive hard copy forms in your Back to School packet and you can also print them by clicking on the link at the bottom of this landing page.  At morning drop off students will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the building. If a student’s temperature is 100.0 F or above, the student will be asked to wait for 5-10 minutes before the temperature is taken again. If a student’s second temperature is also 100.0 F or above, the student will be taken to an isolated area. Our nurse will monitor and/or stay with your child until you arrive to take them home.
Parents and visitors will not be permitted into the school building. If you need to pick up your child outside of regular drop off and pick up hours, you will need to call the office and let us know you have arrived at school and we will give you further instructions.
We are confident in our environmentally friendly and high-tech ventilation system, which pulls fresh air from the outside every 10 minutes and purifies it instead of recirculating inside air. We switch out Merv-13 air filters every 3 months instead of the recommended 6 months.
Our maintenance staff will clean the bathrooms and common surfaces every hour. We will add additional portable sinks for frequent hand-washing and place physical guides in front of all sinks to mark 6 feet of distance between children. We will have a hand sanitation station in each classroom and in the main common areas. Everyone in the building will be asked to frequently wash and sanitize their hands. We have purchased new cleaning equipment to do a thorough cleaning of the building every day at 3:45 p.m.
Our hallways will become one-way hallways to reduce close contact. We will eliminate lockers altogether because of the physical crowding around lockers. Morning drop-off will be spread out across numerous entrances and staffed by additional security. More specific logistics for drop-off and pick-up procedures will be emailed in the next few weeks.
In the case that a student or teacher exhibits COVID symptoms at school or is found to have had exposure to COVID-19, we will follow our Algorithm (scroll to the bottom of the page to view) and the protocol set by the CCBH for isolation and quarantine. The exact duration and who will need to be isolated/quarantined will be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the CCBH. It is impossible to predict the full range of scenarios that could arise so we will work with CCBH closely with the goal of maximizing the safety of all members of our school community. We will err on the side of caution by sending your child home if there is any concern that he or she poses a risk of infecting others. The school reserves the right to ask you to have your child or family member get tested for COVID-19.
The school day will be from 8:15 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Our students will still receive instruction in all subjects including specials (i.e. art, music). They will experience joy in special projects, book clubs, and Chugim. We are confident in the robust learning schedule we have created for in-person learning.
Should it become necessary in any grade or division to learn remotely, we are ready to pivot fully to virtual learning. With many lessons learned from the spring, we are able to offer an improved version of distance learning, which will closely mirror our in-person learning. If a specific student is asked to quarantine, he or she will have the opportunity to Zoom into the class to access his or her lessons.
Mandel Virtual Academy is our remote learning plan in the case that we are not able to return in-person this fall.  Our virtual learning plan will focus on providing engaging academic experiences for your child, meeting with individual learning needs and providing social-emotional support.  This plan is unique in that it has been designed with the student's social-emotional health as a top priority.  We believe virtual learning must be a positive, engaging and successful academic experience for all children at Mandel JDS.  
Mandel Virtual Academy Overview:
-Structured by Mishpachot - our learning groups will be no larger than our in-person ratio of 1:10 
-Virtual instruction in all curricular subjects and specials
-Mishpachot meetings at the start and end of the day focused on social-emotional well being
-Consistent and easy to follow daily schedule 
-Frequent Mishpacha Leader check-ins with student
-Each grade will have a LET support services teacher to ensure all needs are met daily
-Long term projects will be added in to give students a Zoom break
LUNCH (updated 9/3)
Lunch will take place in a student’s individual classroom rather than in the cafeteria. Students will have the option to order lunch that will be delivered directly to their classroom. If you choose to purchase lunch this year, we will provide a full balanced lunch option daily for $4.50 that will be delivered to your child's classroom. There will not be a salad bar or soup this year. You may continue to add money to your child/ren’s lunch account online with a credit card, or you may send a check by mail or with your child. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will remain dairy days and Tuesdays and Thursdays are meat / pareve days. If you are packing lunch on a Tuesday or Thursday, you cannot pack meat only pareve / non-dairy food items.  To add funds to your child's lunch account, please click here.  
Students will have recess by grade with sectioned off areas to maintain social distancing. The playground equipment will rotate between Mishpachot and be cleaned frequently.
We are creating outdoor learning areas in order to take advantage of learning in the fresh air as much as possible. Outdoor learning allows for engaged learning and students will remain 6 feet apart while learning in an outdoor area.  Students will be permitted to remove their masks during outdoor learning due to the fresh air and strict physical distancing.  
After school enrichment and athletics will be temporarily suspended. We may eventually add outdoor after-school enrichment opportunities if it is determined safe to do so later in the school year. Middle school will have virtual after-school enrichment including Power of the Pen and Model UN.
We will not be providing after-school care this fall. The school day will end at 3:30 p.m. for all students Early Childhood-8th grade. All students and staff will need to exit the building promptly by 3:45 p.m. to allow for our maintenance staff to do a deep cleaning and disinfecting.
Large-scale community events will continue to be held virtually until further notice. Curriculum Night and grade-level programs will take place virtually. Faculty and administrators will work to create dynamic virtual events to ensure a robust learning and community experience. 
You should have received a Brit via email. You can also find it by scrolling to the bottom of this page.  If we do not have a signed brit from your family, your child cannot start school this fall at Mandel JDS. 
ALGORITHM (updated 8/21)
During our recent grade-level meetings, parents asked questions like "What happens if my child has a symptom and has to quarantine, does his sibling have to quarantine too?" There is a myriad of scenarios we will need to be prepared for this fall. Our Medical Advisory Committee created an algorithm that we will use to guide our decision making this year.  Please scroll down to find the latest version of the algorithm.  Please note - this algorithm may change based on current COVID developments.
Dr. Jacob Cohen (Chair) - Dr. Jacob Cohen is Vice Chair of Anesthesiology at Summa Health.  He has created operational safety protocols regarding COVID for his Department.  Additionally, he was on the Summa Health Hospital System's Task Force for COVID response and was prepared to staff the first tier of ICU overflow if an expansion of intensive care became necessary.  Dr. Cohen is also a Board member and a Mandel JDS parent.

Dr. Jessica Goldstein - Dr. Jessica Goldstein is Medical Director of the Emergency Medicine Quality Network of University Hospitals and an Emergency Physician at UH Ahuja Medical Center. She is the lead physician for UH’s Emergency Medicine COVID Task Force. Dr. Goldstein is a Mandel JDS parent.
Dr. Shelly Senders - Dr. Shelly Senders is a respected pediatrician in private practice with over 30 years of experience treating children.
The Mandel JDS Medical Advisory Committee is also consulting with the Fuchs Mizrachi Medical Advisory Committee members, Dr. Ira Taub and Dr. David Hutt. Our staff members are Halle Dubin and Jay Leberman.