Lior Raz Event is SOLD OUT

Lior Raz, co-creator and lead actor in the hit Netflix series Fauda is coming to Cleveland to help the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School kick off its 50th anniversary year.  The event will take place at Mandel JDS’s newly renovated building in Beachwood on Thursday, August 29th at 7:00 p.m. 

“Fauda is an international hit, which showcases Israel’s reach as a cultural and entertainment influence around the globe.  More than that, it’s a thoughtful and very non-black-and-white portrayal of a complicated issue.  It provides very honest characteristics of Israel and Israelis – their strengths and their vulnerabilities.  For a Zionist school, we couldn’t ask for more.  Lior Raz kicking off our 50th anniversary year is our way of telling the entire community that this is their celebration too - and that we’d love to have everyone join us on August 29th,” said Head of School Jerry Isaak-Shapiro.

Lior Raz and co-creator Avi Issacharoff wrote the plot of Fauda based on their service in the Israel Defense Forces.  Raz, who plays the show’s lead character, Doron Kavillio, says that the show has gained worldwide acclaim for its compelling storyline which shows multi-dimensional sides of Israelis and Palestinians.

Both Raz and Issacharoff think the success of their series lies in its authenticity. “We show the Arab culture, and we approached it with great respect for them, their language and customs. We wrote the Palestinian characters not as just villains – not only as the bad guys, but as complex human beings, who have appealing traits, and are in love, and have families and have dilemmas and struggles just as the Israeli characters,” Raz said.

Fauda, which has bilingual scripts in Hebrew and Arabic, has been praised internationally for its gritty realism - the New York Times listed it as one of the best shows of 2017. The title Fauda literally means “chaos” in Arabic and is the commandos’ code word for when an operation goes awry.

After two successful seasons, co-creators Raz and Issacharoff are in the thick of filming their much-anticipated third season, which centers on the Gaza Strip.  Fauda’s third season is scheduled to debut on Yes in November and Netflix around four months later.  The Netflix release date hasn’t been officially revealed, but the season trailer debuted this week.

From the Front Line to Fauda: A Conversation with Lior Raz is being co-chaired by Lisa Mayers and Scott Simon.  Honorary Chairs for the 50th Anniversary year are Bobby Goldberg and Aliki and Peter Rzepka.