We Understand that Every Child is an Individual

Mandel JDS stands by a responsibility to provide accommodations and differentiation where every student can be successful in the classroom and beyond.  This is a way we proudly embody one of our core values, B'tzelem Elokim, a traditional phrase connoting universal equality.
How do we put our values into practice?  The Learning Enhancement team at Mandel JDS has more specialists in all intervention areas than ANY other Jewish day schools our size.  Because of this robust department, we are able to provide early speech and occupational therapy screenings in Early Childhood and Kindergarten as well as school wide screenings in reading and math to identify academic challenges early on.  We are able to provide small group and individualized lessons for students who qualify.  We support children on a wide spectrum of individual learning needs - from those who might need extra learning support to those who need enrichment through Gifted and Talented curriculum. 
In other school systems, a child may not be able to receive support because they either don't have a formal diagnosis or they are not of age.  At Mandel JDS, we look at each child as an individual and meet their needs regardless of a diagnosis or how old they are.  This is because we understand and honor that every single child that walks through our doors is inherently unique.