Our Core Values


B'tzelem Elokim

The  traditional phrase connoting universal equality, or literally, “In the  image of G-d.” As we are all created in the same image, we value the  inherent worth of each individual equally. All of us deserve the same  level of respect, honor and dignity, no matter our different  backgrounds, learning abilities or physical appearances.


An  acronym for different layers of learning. Knowledge of essential  information is indispensable, but is only one component of a  comprehensive education. We seek to develop in our students a creative  and analytical thought process, where “multiple intelligences” are  valued.

Shiloov Tochniyot

Integration. The integration of general and Judaic curricula is a central tenet of  Joseph & Florence Mandel Jewish Day School; concepts and events are observed and examined through  multiple lenses. This elevates a student’s understanding and strengthens  the connection with the subject matter.


Justice. The Torah reminds us, “Tzedek, tzedek…” “Justice, justice shall you  pursue…” We teach our students to pursue justice by engaging in acts of  tzedakah (righteousness), through volunteer work locally and through  charitable giving. This instills within them a sense of responsibility  for each other and for the larger world in which they live.


Leadership.The Mandel JDS School strives to infuse the student experience with leadership  opportunities, both individual and collective. Good citizenship in its  broadest manifestation is instilled and applauded, so that our students  will take on their own roles, as personal examples and as leaders  themselves.

Clal Ysrael

The Unity of  the Jewish People. Even while we recognize our differences, we celebrate  the strength of our commonalities. Jews throughout the world have a  common heritage and history as well as a common set of moral values and  bodies of text that underlie and inform their diverse traditions and  beliefs. Appreciating these commonalities and areas of diversity  strengthens us as individuals and as a community.


Zionism. The nexus of the Jewish People's religious, historical, cultural and linguistic lives can be found in Israel. Positive and personal identification with the State, Land and People of Israel provide the American Jewish student a foundation on which to build a strong Jewish identity. It is an integral component of the lives of our students and their families as it is of Jews worldwide.