Early Childhood


Flexible and Full Day Starting at 18 Months

Early Childhood works with each family to ensure a meaningful school experience.  Teacher help children develop a strong self concept, a foundation for learning, a sense of community and a community of friends.  They visit each student in his or her home before the school year begins to fully understand each child's uniqueness and help the child transition into the school environment.

Throughout the school day, learning experiences are intended to meet the social-emotional, cognitive, physical and Judaic development of each child.  Multi-sensory experiences enable children to question, reason, create and engage in meaningful interactions and allow teachers to individualize the curriculum for each child.

There are many options for parents for Early Childhood but what sets the Early Childhood Division apart from the rest is our Hebrew Immersion language program.  We are the only Early Childhood program in Cleveland that offers Immersion based hebrew starting at age 2.  We know through research that when a young child's brain absorbs another language they have improved brain function.  

The Early Childhood Division also is proud to extend the Integrated Project Based Learning model into its preschool classes.  The children make connections in all of their subjects through an extensive themed project that is experiential and in-depth.  

The Early Childhood Division:

  • Develops communication and language skills.

  • Enjoys regular visits to our extensive library.

  • Builds a foundation for cognitive growth with science, math and problem solving skills.

  • Teaches Hebrew and Jewish traditions through songs and activities.

  • Develops creativity through art, music and movement.

  • Promotes healthy development through fine and large motor activities.