Integrated Curriculum

Mandel JDS weaves its Jewish and general studies curricula together, in order to provide an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to learning. This approach is more often seen at the high school or even university level; yet research is clear that such a strategy provides a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of subject matter – and more to the point, how each subject is connected to and impacted by other subjects.
Each grade has its own age-appropriate integrated curricular unit. While integration is an integral part of everyday learning, each grade has an opportunity to showcase this concept and show parents how subjects weave into each other at one or two special programs each year.
Various units provide an opportunity for students to go beyond stale “silo” education, in which each subject was too often taught in isolation of other disciplines. Not only does it offer a deeper, more layered understanding; it gives our students a clear advantage as they enter into the best independent and public high schools in the area.