Learning Enhancement

Every child matters and has unique strengths and abilities.  

The objective of Learning Enhancement at Mandel JDS is to support the dynamic instruction that each teacher provides in the classroom in a manner that is appropriate for the student as an individual. In this way, we want to elevate and enhance the already rich learning environment that exists at Mandel JDS, by individualizing the way we teach. A student who understands Math at a faster pace or at a more sophisticated level should have instruction accelerated. Students with learning disabilities or unique learning styles require accommodations and differentiated instruction, and any additional small group or 1:1 support that we can provide to help them be successful.

The Learning Enhancement Department is a team of specialized professionals focused on addressing educational remediation, social emotional challenges and curriculum modification.

Coordinated by our Director of Intervention Services, Gussie Singer, the Learning Enhancement Team consists of:

Early Intervention Specialists
Gifted and Talented Specialists
Speech Language Pathologist
Occupational Therapist
Guidance Counselor
School Psychologist
English Language Learner Teachers
Hebrew Specialists
Academic Coaches

A major focus of the Learning Enhancement Department is to work with the classroom teachers to include students with differing needs and differentiate instruction for all learners. We utilize Universal Design for Learning principles to identify unintentional barriers to learning and embrace the fields best practices such as structured language instruction, functional behavior analysis and multi-sensory learning approaches to enable students with academic success and social and emotional well being.