Lower School

The Lower School

The Lower School program at Mandel JDS (K-5) combines rich Jewish values with a strong foundation in reading, language arts, social studies, math, science, Hebrew and Judaics. Our unique teaching approach integrates subjects by connecting how they are related.

A child’s curiosity stimulates questions. The art of asking questions is a strength that students must learn to generate solutions for the 21st century. Our project-based curriculum fosters basic skills as researchers and problem solvers and encourages students to use imagination and develop critical thinking ability.

The Lower School Division:

  • Encourages daily reading and writing

  • Builds a strong math foundation

  • Utilizes a hands-on science program

  • Builds computer skills with computers in each classroom and a computer lab

  • Teaches Hebrew through reading, writing, and speaking

  • Provides daily T’fillah, weekly Kabbalat Shabbat, and other Jewish holiday celebrations

  • Encourages creativity and expression through music and art programs