Middle School

The Middle School

Mandel JDS’s middle school program (6th-8th) combines rich Jewish values with challenging and stimulating academic rigor, building upon earlier grades. Practice in critical and creative thinking builds strong, lifelong learners. Mandel JDS also fosters social, emotional and ethical growth for the adolescent years. These are the years when students begin to develop their independence. Mandel JDS provides a solid foundation in Jewish heritage at a time when these students are thinking about their family and their own religious traditions. It also encourages a strong sense of belonging to a community as well as a peer group.

The Middle School Division:

  • Challenges students academically and creatively

  • Broadens students’ education and understanding with its integrated curriculum of Judaic and general studies

  • Builds strong math, science and reading skills to prepare for higher education

  • Helps mold the student’s Jewish identity within one’s family and one’s community

  • Enhances the understanding of fine arts by in-depth study and participation in drama, visual arts, and music programs

  • Supports and guides students with a comprehensive advisory program

  • Develops well-rounded adults with volunteer opportunities and extra-curricular activities

  • Prepares our students to enter any public or private high school and helps them make a seamless transition into high school.